Open FAIR™ 2 Foundation Course

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Are you looking to enhance your skills in risk management and become a certified risk analyst? This comprehensive training program provides a solid foundation of the Open FAIR framework, risk management concepts and methodologies.


The Open FAIR™ 2 Foundation Course is a comprehensive training program that gives you the essential skills and knowledge in risk management. It’s ideal for risk analysts and organisations looking to adopt quantitative risk methodologies.  The Open FAIR™ 2 Foundation Course provides a foundational understanding of the FAIR quantitative risk model and FAIR analysis risk concepts. By the end of the course, participants will have a solid grasp of the Open FAIR risk analysis methodology.

Who is the The Open FAIR™ 2 Foundation Course suitable for?

The course is ideal for risk analysts and organisations who want to improve their risk management practices using quantitative methodologies.

The Open FAIR™ 2 Foundation Course

  • Basic Risk Concepts 
  • Open FAIR Terminology
  • Quantitative Risk Measurement
  • Interpreting Quantitative Risk Results
  • Open FAIR and Security Frameworks

What can I expect to learn?

Upon completion of the course, successful candidates will be able to:

  • Identify and assess risks to develop strategies to mitigate and manage them effectively.
  • Understand the terminology used in the Open FAIR™ framework for effective communication and collaboration within the risk management process.  
  • Assign numerical values to various aspects of risk, such as likelihood and impact. This enables organisations to prioritise risks and allocate resources effectively. 
  • Interpret the quantitative risk measurements, analyse risk scores and determine the significance of the risks identified.  
  • Enhance their risk management practices and ensure a comprehensive approach to security.

The Open FAIR™ 2 Certification Exam

  • Delivered at: Authorised examination provider test centres or available as an online proctored exam.
  • Prerequisites: None.
  • Supervised: Yes.
  • Open Book: No.
  • Exam Type: Simple Multiple Choice.
  • Number of Questions: 40.
  • Passing Score: 60% (24 out of 40 questions).
  • Duration: 60 minutes*.

*Additional time may be provided for people taking an English language exam for whom English is not their first language.

Included with this course, you will get access to our high-quality training support resources including:

  • Accredited Training by a seasoned practitioner and qualified instructor
  • Virtual Instruction
  • An Open FAIR 2 Exam Voucher
  • One of our training support packs, including: a notebook and pen, a reusable coffee cup and a bag of co-branded coffee with the Contact Coffee Company
  •  Access to our online flashcard application
  • Access to our online community of like-minded professionals for continued support

Principle Defence is an accredited Open FAIR™ 2 training provider


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