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    We support organisations to identify and manage their risks in a cost-effective way.

    We are experts in information assurance, data protection and risk management, and believe in designing security that supports, rather than thwarts, your organisational growth. Head over to our Services page to hear about the support we can provide your business, charity or enterprise.

    Principle Defence’s mission is to ‘end bad security and privacy’ and this means supporting our clients to build their own security capability and expertise. We offer a wide range of training packages for individuals, security and data privacy teams, and large-scale organisational awareness programmes.

    Our Services page sets out our training offers in more detail, or you can navigate directly to our Shop to purchase individual or team training and certification packages.


    Why Principle Defence?

    Principle Defence is focused on delivering risk-based and justifiable services to your organisation. We believe in security and privacy that is appropriate for your challenges, not just box ticking or ‘best practice’.

    We are experienced in delivering business supporting services to help organisations achieve their goals in the public and private sectors. Principle Defence was founded to challenge the current market trend of selling products, instead of meeting your needs.

    We hold a variety of industry certifications, which, combined with our industry expertise enables us to deliver tailored and highly-effective solutions. We will design a bespoke package of support for your needs, based around our three popular levels of service offering.



    We train or certify your staff to give them the knowledge they need to be able to conduct your security and privacy activities independently. We are qualified instructors and are registered with a number of Governing Bodies including the BCS, The Open Group, APMG, and TQUK.



    We can provide additional resources on a sliding scale of engagement to support your existing security and privacy resources. Our flexible approach can be tailored to suit your needs: i.e., in advance of an audit, in the event of an incident, or for discrete projects.



    Utilising our experienced consultants we can manage your security and privacy activities for you. With over 60 years experience, we will take on the roles and responsibilities needed to manage your organisation’s security and privacy and lead your risk management activities.

    Jim Wright, Managing Director at Principle Defence


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