Data Subject Access Requests, also known as DSARs, can take up a lot of time for an organisation. Requests can involve searching large unstructured data sets, de-duplication, redacting sensitive data that doesn’t form part of the request, and also include prescribed response timelines.

Our goal is to take the burden off organisations by automating and streamlining the DSAR process through a secure, cloud-based and industry leading platform that is widely used in the legal industry.

What is a data subject access request?

Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) are requests made by individuals who would like know what information you have and be granted access to the personal data that your company holds about them. These requests are a fundamental right under data protection regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). DSARs can include a wide range of information, such as personal details, communication records, financial data, and more. It is essential that organisations handle DSARs efficiently and effectively to ensure compliance and protect the privacy of individuals.

How Principle Defence Can Help

We can equip you with the tools to streamline the process. Our platform uses advanced search algorithms to scan and analyse large volumes of unstructured data, significantly reducing the time and effort required for DSARs. With the ability to automate redaction, sensitive information can be easily identified and securely removed, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.
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Advanced search algorithms automate workflows and streamline processes so we can easily search and review unstructured data like emails, text documents, and chats removing the need for manual searching and reviewing.
With our user-friendly interface, you have full control over the DSAR process, easily track the progress of requests, assign tasks to team members, and monitor response timelines. Our platform offers industry-leading security and UK-based hosting (unless you specifically need other options) ensuring your data is not transferred overseas without your knowledge.


Robust data storage capabilities ensure that organisations can securely store DSAR-related data for as long as necessary. It’s a leading tool when there’s potential for litigation and we can store your data for as long as needed and support your legal team to develop a coherent argument if required.


Advanced redaction capabilities means you can automate and simplify the process of redacting sensitive information from images and text making sure that personal data is protected, and compliance with data protection regulations is maintained.
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Benefit from powerful search, cull, and filtering functions to focus on the most important aspects of DSARs. Efficiently sift through large volumes of data and quickly identify relevant information.


Custom dashboards and tracking features keep Subject Access Requests organised and let you easily track progress. This makes sure that no request is overlooked or delayed, and you can maintain efficient and transparent communication with people.

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