About our DSAR Service

Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) can take up a lot of time for an organisation. Requests can involve searching large unstructured data sets, de-duplication, redacting sensitive data that doesn’t form part of the request, and also include prescribed response timelines. 

Our goal is to take the burden off organisations by automating and streamlining the DSAR process through a secure, cloud-based and industry leading platform that is widely used in the legal industry. 

Streamlining the DSAR process

You're in control

Trusted compliance

Automated workflows and streamlined processes enable us to easily search and review unstructured data like emails, text documents, and chats. 

Our platform offers industry-leading security and UK-based hosting (others are available) ensuring your data is not transferred overseas without your knowledge. 

If there’s a potential for litigation, the platform is a leading tool used by legal experts. We can store your data for as long as needed and support your legal team to develop a coherent argument in any action. 


Narrow focus

Track requests

Automate and simplify redactions to images and text at scale. 

Benefit from powerful search, cull, and filtering functions to focus on what’s important. 

Keep your requests organised via customisable dashboards and tracking.

Find out how to make DSARs quicker, easier, and more reliable