Cybersecurity Key Terms and Concepts eBook


Protect your business from cyber threats with our cybersecurity ebook.  This key primer, written by the experts at Principle Defence, has been written for non-cyber professionals to help you get a clear understanding of cybersecurity issues and helps you safeguard your business.


Introducing the Cybersecurity Key Terms and Concepts eBook, a must-have resource for start-ups and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) looking to understand some of the security risks faced by their business. This guide is designed to introduce you to the topic of cybersecurity and help you ask the right questions, implement basic risk management, and take mitigating action.

Cyber security’ is one of those terms that fills many people with a creeping sense of dread. Public and business awareness of cyber risks has never been higher, supported by almost daily media coverage of the latest high profile cyber attacks, successful information awareness campaigns, and the increasing recognisability of email scams. Nevertheless, there is a lingering sense for many people that cyber security is too technical to understand, too difficult to counter, or even too banal to bother about – especially as, at some point in the past 15 years, the majority of us will have already been told that our personal information has been subject to a data breach. 

This e-book aims to bust these myths by outlining in simple terms why cyber security matters to you as an individual, employee or business, and what you can do to protect yourself and your organisation from cyber risks. It explains the most common types of threats and offers practical ways to establish effective cyber security protections – most of which are not technical at all, but common to many business practices and decision-making factors. Whilst it outlines the key roles and tools that many businesses implement, its intended audience is for the relative beginner looking to understand the basics of what a good cyber security regime looks like for their business, charity or home network. 

Principle Defence is a cyber security and data privacy consultancy, supporting organisations to identify and manage their costs in a cost effective way. We believe that security, when done right, decreases overall costs, enables businesses to exploit opportunities, and builds brand loyalty. We are on a mission to deliver security and privacy that supports, rather than thwarts, your organisation. We are experts in governance, risk and compliance, information assurance and data protection, and offer a wide range of training packages for individuals, organisations and security experts. 

Written in a clear and concise manner, this eBook breaks down the concepts of cybersecurity into easily digestible information, helping you learn the fundamentals without getting overwhelmed by technical jargon. Whether you prefer reading it cover to cover or using it as a handy reference tool, this eBook is here to help you reduce risks.


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